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South Korea developed a spider reticular lithium-ion battery

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South Korea developed a spider reticular lithium-ion battery new material
Source: Ministry of Science and Technology Posted: 2017-11-22 10:31
Abstract: According to the structure and function of cobweb, a high-performance electrode active material for lithium-ion battery was developed to successfully solve the problems of high capacity material degradation and slow charge and discharge. It can be applied to many types of high-capacity secondary batteries.
Korea Sungkyunkwan University released news that its research group based on the structure and function of spider web to develop high-performance lithium-ion battery electrode active material successfully solved the problem of high capacity material degradation and charge-discharge slow and can be applied to a variety of Type of high-capacity secondary battery.
Currently, scientists have developed a variety of materials, such as high-capacity silicon and transition metal oxides, to overcome the limitation of limited graphite capacity (about 370mah / g) as a negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries. However, most high-capacity materials , Causing problems such as speed-limiting charging characteristics and long-term instability due to the slow charging and discharging or the volume expansion during charging and discharging.
The South Korean research group used the ice film method to form a cobweb-shaped three-dimensional network structure into multiple-protected carbon nanotubes and subject them to ozone treatment to make the nanotube surface behave like a spider web with elasticity. The research results published in the international academic journal "Advanced Energy Materials".

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