information of purity and delivery to warsaw Poland withg full price required for 2- phenoxy-1-phenylethanol

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Hello Its Ukraine. I'm interested Sodium Hexametaphosphate SHMP 68% Food Grade Cas:10124-56-8 with Fe% < 0,03. Do you make one to order? What is the price for 1 kg, if you do? Thanks

Subject:- Urgently Required Proforma Invoice for Anthracite Coal/Petroleum Coke/Natural-Graphite/Synthetic Graphite Based Carbon/Charcoal Powder for Production of Silicon Carbide Powder. Dear Sir/Madam,                                                                                                                                      Hoping you will be fine,                                                                         We intend to purchase the given bellow item urgently against 100% irrevocable LC at sight basis to synthesize Sic(Silicon Carbide Powder) through the Acheson process or Carbothermal reduction process Pharma and Chemicals synthesizing grade/Analytical Grade as cartalyst carrier for Silica or Alumina.See below Youtube links for Acheson process to produce Sic(Silicon Carbide Powder) as well as Cabot-Norit/Sigma made Graphite based Activated Charcoal for food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical and Metal Recovery as well as Synthetic diamonds, Metallurgy and Regular & High Class Steel Industrial applications, We need an equivalent product of same Sigma items exact according to our given below specifications:-®ion=PK®ion=PK®ion=PK lang=en®ion=PK&cm_sp=Insite-_-caContent_prodMerch_cooccuranceModel-_-prodMerch10- 4®ion=PK®ion=PK®ion=PK                      Please send us urgently your lowest and competitive proforma invoice on ex-work/FOB basis against 100% LC at sight basis alongwith COA exactly according to our below required specifications. The detail of the urgently required item is as under:- Sr. #.DescriptionRequired Quantity 1.Anthracite Coal/Low Sulfur Petroleum Coke/Natural-Graphite/Synthetic Graphite Based Carbon Source, Fixed Carbon Content: 99% or above, (30Micron/460Mesh) Activated Carbon/Activated Charcoal Powder----------------------1Ton Exactly Required Specifications: CAS No. 7440-44-0 Chemical Formula: C Molecular weight(g/mol); 12 Form: Fine Powder Particle Size (Microns): Less Than 30 Micron Pass 90% Minimum Purity: Greater Than 99% Melting Point: 3550-3650°C Loss on Drying: Less Than 8% Solubility: Insoluble in Water and Organic Solvents Vapour Pressure: Less Than 0.1mmHg (20°C) Auto Ignition temperature: 842°F Resistivity: 1375 Micro Ohm-Cm at 20°C Methylene Blue Adsorption: Greater Than 12ml/0.1g Moisture: Less Than 6% Acid Soluble iron: Less Than 200ppm Total Iron: 0.015-0.5% Iodine Adsorption (0.05 mol 12/l): Greater Than 70 ml/g Relative density: 1.8-2.0 g/cm³ Ash: Less Than 4% PH: 5-7 Chloride Contents: Less Than 0.1% Bulk Density: 0.45-0.55g/cm³ Specific Surface area: 1300 m²/g Note-1:- Please clearly write the Country of Origin, Product number, Brand Name and COA/Technical specifications(exact according to our required specifications) of the quoted item.   Note-2:-  Prices/P.I and COA/printable technical specifications must be attached separately. Note-3:- Kindly send us your offer alongwith COA/printable technical specifications only on our given below e-mail address instead of Alibaba's account I.D. Note-4:- Payments through  Alibaba Cashier Account/TT/Wire Transfer/Advance payments are prohibited from Pakistan now after 1st JAN-2019. Now according to the new international trade policy of Pakistani Govt., only 100% LC at site is allowed.             **Payments can be sent from anywhere, but Pakistani-customs is not clearing any shipment without bank's EIF(I-Form). As we already told you that  payments through Alibaba Cashier Account/TT/Wire Transfer/Advance payments was possible till December-2018 and payments through Alibaba Cashier Account/TT/Wire Transfer/Advance payments are prohibited from Pakistan now after 1st JAN-2019 and it is not possible now. Without Bank involving or 100% LC the bank could not issue the I-Form. (EIF/I-form means the Payment transaction proof against shipment) and without bank's issued I-form Custom will not clear any shipment. We already faced the same problem in last of December-2018, when the policy was being changed. So kindly quote only against 100% LC at sight basis. Note-5:-  Kindly quote prices against 100% Irrevocable LC at sight basis. (LC means that our bank will collect payment from us against your sent Proforma Invoice and the payment from our bank will be sent to your bank against shipment's documents. We will send you the LC Draft for your approval before opening an Original Bank LC. All LC Charges will be born by us in our Bank and you will receive your actual amount from your Bank). Note-6:- Our final destination port is Karachi, Pakistan. Note-7:- Kindly send us two offers one for packed into 25Kg/50Kg polylined PP bags and the other for packed into 25Kg/50Kg polylined Hard fiber/composite/Paper Drums. Note-8:- The quoted product must be according to our required specifications instead of others. Note-9:- We will need a smallest(250g to 1Kg) sample before opening a original bank LC for quality approval from the end-user. Note-10:- This is a sample shipment for a Lab and pilot scale project and its quantity will be increased upto 20'/40' FCL regular quantities for industrial scale projects. Note-11:- Our following Shipping agent will forward the sameshipment instead of any others. That is as under:- Evan Operation  Department LUCKY LOGISTICS(SHENZHEN)LTD. E-mail: QQ:2881649232 Tel:+86 755-25163641 Waiting for your early response impatiently, Thanking you with best regards, Your's Truly, Saad Sindhu Legal Scientific Company. P-489, Near Gaus-e-Azam Chowk, Shadman-City, Phase-I,  Civil Hospital Road, Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Ph/Fax:+92-62-2720258, Cell:+92-306-0780958 E-Mail: legalscientific[DOT]co[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Seek out a demo of the game called X-Hex

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Are the sds forms available for LiODFB, KFSI, LiFSI, and LiTFSI?

Dear Sir, I have over 15 years of experience in selling fine chemicals. I am aged 60. I have retired. I am looking to take up agency of good International Chemical Companies products for selling in India. Please let me know if I can take up your agency for selling the products into India. Please send me a reply on my email address.

Can I have Q'TN for 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride?