What we do

our core business:

• Synthesis of custom organic compound.

• Synthesis of know reference compounds.

• Custom synthesis of small compound libraries.

• Optimization of existing synthetic methods,discovery of novelapproaches to the synthesise of

target molecules.

• Collabortive or contract research projects to develop andsynthesize new compounds designed for

specific functions.

• Technology transfer and Technical support

We offer technical support for all of ourservices and products. Please contact us for aftersales services or technicalskills.

 aremanufactured based on proven scientific methods that

have been developed internally over theyears of customers whorequire material of the highest

quality and purity,in volumes and puritiesspecific to their needs. At the same time,

offers experitst in customsynthesis and contract research covering all aspests

of lad-scale organic and medicinalchemistry. Customers's satisfaction is our mission.