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Phosphorochloridic acid, diethyl ester - CAS # 814-49-3

DIETHYL CHLOROPHOSPHATE-CAS:814-49-3   氯磷酸二乙酯  Manufacturer  /Provider 
Phosphorochloridic acid, diethyl ester - CAS # 814-49-3

Chemical Name:  Phosphorochloridic acid, diethyl ester

Chemical Formula:  C4H10ClO3P

CAS Number:  814-49-3

Synonyms:  Diethoxyphosphorus oxychloride;Diethoxyphosphoryl chloride;Diethyl chlorophosphate;Diethyl phosphorochloridate;Diethyl phosphorochloride;Diethylphosphoric acid chloride;Ethyl phosphorochloridate (Cl(EtO)2PO);Ethyl phosphorochloridate (EtO)2ClPO;O,O-Diethyl chloridophosphate;O,O-Diethyl chlorophosphate;O,O-Diethyl chlorophosphonate;O,O-Diethyl phosphorochloridate;O,O-Diethylphosphoryl chloride;Phosphine oxide, chlorodiethoxy-;Chlorophosphoric acid

Molecular Weight:  172.5469
Diethyl chlorophosphate is a chemical used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. It is a clear liquid which can range in colour from colourless to light yellow. It is a skin irritant, and is also toxic when inhaled.
Appearance & Physical State: Light yellow  Liquid
Density: 1.194
Boiling Point: 81oC (6 mmHg)
Flash Point: 49.9oC
Refractive Index: 1.416-1.418
Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Storage Condition: 2-8oC
Vapor Pressure: 0.1 mm Hg ( 25 °C)
Vapor Density: 5.94 (vs air)
Safety Info Feedback
RTECS: TD1400000
Hazard Class: 6.1(a)
Safety Statements: S28-S36/37/39-S38-S45
HS Code: 2919900090
Packing Group: II
WGK Germany: 3
Risk Statements: R26/27/28; R33
Hazard Codes: T+

【 Application 】 drugs , insecticide , it is the intermediate of insecticide Like “  PHOSFOLAN” , “MEPHOSFOLAN”, and  “FOSTHIETAN”

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