Photo initiator 369

 Photo initiator 369   is a highly efficient UV curing agent which is used to

initiate the photopolymerisation of chemically prepolymers - e.g.

acrylates - in combination with mono- or multifunctional monomers.

Photo initiator 369  is especially suitable for pigmented UV curable systems,

photoresists and printing plates.


Molecular weight:  366.5

CAS No.  119313-12-1

Physical Properties  (typical values)

Appearance:  slightly yellow powder

Purity(HPLC):  ≧98.5%

Melting point:  110-114°C

The maximum absorption wavelength:  323nm

Solubility at 20°C         (g/100 g solution):

butyacetate                     11

toluene                         27

hexanedioldiacrylate (HDDA)      5



Safety and Handling

Photo initiator 369  should be handled in accordance with good industrial practice. Detailed information is provided in the Safety Data Sheet.

Photo initiator 369  is sensitive to visible light and any exposure to sunlight should be avoided. Opened packaging should be closed after use to protect  the product  against light.