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New manufacturing plant introduction

Dear Friend , 

Nice to contact you . This is Juliet from ChemFish . 

We are writing this mail is to introduce our new  fine chemical plant in Gansu,China  , 

Hope there will be a chance to help you customized products . 


Factory  :  GANSU 

Location : Gansu ,China (Northwest China ) 

Estimate Launch date : In the beginning of 2020 

Strength Reaction : Bromination reaction / High and low pressure reaction ( -25 ° C to 300 ° C)/  Hydrogenation reaction /Catalytic reaction / Friedel-Crafts Reaction 

Capacity :   500Mt/Year 

Products : Fine chemical , New materials , Photo initiators etc. 

Sewage disposal system :waste water evaporator/ Biochemical treatment system(Full sets ) 

Industry level : National Industrial  Park 


As a Photo initiators &Fine chemical factory , Jindun has more than 20 year history . Owns an old  fine production line with  100mt  output  , And it's stable production even the environment & security control enhance by government

We are the golden supplier of some famous companies  in Japan ,Germany etc . 

Besides the bulk order ,We are also welcome the small scale but long term project . We have R&D incubator as well . 


If you are suffering by the current supply chain , You are warmly welcome contact or visit us . 


Best Wishes , 


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