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RM257 cas:174063-87-7

The LC phase formation and the self-assembly in the LCEs is not only dictated by themesogen structure but also can be influenced by the spacing between the mesogens. In fact,mesogen with the same functional groups and core structures have been used to prepare smecticand nematic LCEs (Fig S1). Mesogens with the same functional groups such acrylate (RM82,RM257, and 6OBA) can be used to prepare smectic (6OBA) and nematic LCEs (RM82,RM257).1-3 This is suggested that functional group may not influence the LC phase formation.Mesogens with the same core structure such as 5Me, 4Me, RM82, and RM257 have been used toprepare smectic (4Me and 5Me) and nematic (RM82 and RM257) main-chain LCEs.1, 2, 4 Thespacing between the mesogens is found to be key element on tuning the LC phase.

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