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British companies have introduced four methods to detect chondroitin sulfate purity


It is reported that Cactus company to identify chondroitin sulfate supplements in the impurity or adulterated ingredients, and then put forward four detection methods.

The general manager of the company explained that the recent discovery of a chondroitin sulfate raw materials in an adulterated ingredients - sodium hexametaphosphate, usually used as industrial chemicals, and its market price is relatively low. Although sodium hexametaphosphate is often used as a detergent or water treatment agent at an effective and appropriate dosage level, it is also an unsafe ingredient as a human food additive.

In order to ensure the quality of chondroitin sulfate, the company has adopted four methods: high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), CPC, EHPLC and specific rotation. Chondroitin sulfate is extracted from the cartilage structure of the animal, such as chicken, cattle, shark and so on. The company's experts use these four methods to determine the company's quality and purity of chondroitin sulfate.

1, HPLC: High performance liquid chromatography is a qualitative test method. Acetonitrile can dissolve chondroitin sulfate in water and evenly disperse. After separation by liquid chromatography, the 192mm band is located within the determined interval of the external standard method.

2, CPC: CPC is a test method of purity. The method is based on the formation of turbidity and reacts with organic anions such as sulfuric acid or carboxylate ions under slightly alkaline conditions. One of the key factors is organic anions. Moreover, the principle behind this method is that the cationic CPC molecule is combined with negatively charged chondroitin sulfate to form an insoluble ion pair that looks like a precipitate. The absorbance of the solution is monitored and the amount in the test solution of chondroitin can be determined by comparison with the known concentration of chondroitin sulfate standard solution.

3, EHPLC: is another detection method. This method is based on the hydrolysis of special enzymes, easy to produce disaccharides Di-4S, Di-6S and Di-0S, and thus composed of chondroitin sulfate A and C and non-chondroitin sulfate. The resulting disaccharides were then measured by HPLC using a UV detector (240 nm). It is understood that at present on a global scale, this approach is only available in several US laboratories.

4, optical rotation: In chemistry, the optical rotation is the unique characteristics of the chiral compound. The optical rotation is at the wavelength of change, which is commonly referred to as optical dispersion, which is often used to discover the absolute configuration of a molecule. The optical rotation of chondroitin sulfate is -20 ° ~ -30 °.

According to the media, it is necessary to mention chitosan sulfate and glucosamine when talking about the healthy aging of the joints. These two natural ingredients are the most recognized supplements that consumers are looking for. Because consumers still maintain a high degree of awareness and trust, then the brand seller's bounden duty is to ensure that its chondroitin source is safe and reliable, and purity should be guaranteed.


Cactus Botanics Company Profile:

Cactus Botanics was founded in the UK in 2005. After the rapid development, now the world already has three companies: Cactus Botanics Limited, Shanghai Dili Xin International Trade Co., Ltd., the United States branch. The company works with manufacturers around the world to discover the development of natural plant active ingredients, applied to the nutritional health food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics industry. Manufacturers throughout China, India, South America, South Africa, the United States and Europe.

The company offers a wide range of raw materials ranging from plant extracts to amino acids, vitamins, mineral ingredients and other nutrients. In the advanced quality management system on the basis of quality, to provide customers with the most professional services. Shanghai Dixin International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in August 2006. Specialized in chemical products, natural products in China business contacts, operation. The US branch was established in December 2009. For the United States, Canada, local customers to provide import, logistics, financial and other services.


Chemfish has all kinds of detecting methods that ensure to meet client standards .



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